Things I left behind In 2018

Hey Y’all! 2019 has been off to a weird start for me, I’ve been able to break a lot of habits and some I still fall victim too.

It’s been a slight adjust since I’m not in school anymore, I love it but it’s definitely taking some time to get used too.

Overall, things have been coming together slowly but surely & I’m just taking it one day at a time.

This year I’ve committed to leaving self-comparison, self-doubt, toxic family & friends & bad habits, all of which were causing me to be at a stagnant place in my life.

Self-comparison| one of my biggest downfalls and my most toxic habit for years. I’ve finally let go of the need to compare my timing and my blessings to others. I now own up to the fact that if I want my life to change I have to take the steps towards changing it. I also believe that we are all completely different and have different paths for a reason. God didn’t create us to be alike or to have the exact same journey as others. I’ve learned to appreciate my life for exactly what it is & know that everything I’ve endured has helped me become a better me.

On that note, all I can say is never compare yourself. It’ll leave you feeling desperate and not appreciative of your own life and journey. What god has for you will always be yours.

Self doubt | I believe in myself so much more now, it took some time to arrive at this point and some inward looking within myself. Self doubt are fears and spells that have you wrapped up and they’ll stay that way until you decide to tear at the root of it. This alone is a whole separate blog post but I’ll keep it brief here. Believe in yourself with all of your heart. It sounds pretty cliche but that’s really all you have to do. Anytime I run into difficulties or I feel incapable of doing something I sit and think it out and address why I’m even doubting myself. I’ve became better at being my biggest cheerleader, and I know anything can be achieved and done with persistence, patience, & nevertheless GOD!

Toxic family & friends | This is really the biggest thing that has given me so much peace mentally. I had to decide for me no matter how much I love someone & no matter how much of blood they are I can’t continue to feed dead situations that leave me lifeless. You should be celebrated and loved in the company that truly means you well. A lot of times people will break you down because of their own insecurities, that totally has nothing to do with you. I analyzed all of my relationships that I were in last year and realized that some were truly not fitting to the woman that I am becoming.

If you are moving into a new space mentally and spiritually and you feel as if people are not deserving, or constantly putting you down, not supportive, leave them. It sounds harsh, but hey we are not put on this planet to stay stagnant or indulge in things that don’t advance us. I’ve learned that I am valuable and will be treated as such. If you love yourself loving others will come easy, & some haven’t figured out how to love themselves which makes it nearly impossible to love another. There is no space for anything less than good energy & positivity.

Also, don’t allow people to continuously speak down on you or to you. You’ll start believing it. Elevate yourself.

Bad Habits | I’m not here to tell you that I completely dropped all my bad habit such as eating out, spending when I know I should save, oh the list can go on. But I am here to say things have gotten 80% better. I work on it every day, small change adds up to big results! Every day I make a choice to do better in some area of my life. Everything takes time and patience. I’ve also set limits and boundaries for myself that are helping me tremendously. I’m not perfect, it’s not my goal to be perfect but to be better every chance I get.

I hope y’all enjoyed this post! I’m always aiming to be completely transparent. I hope you feel welcomed, & know this is a judge free zone with a blanket of love!

I posted a mini life update video on youtube, watch here!


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