What to Wear in Miami: Spring Break

Yalaina E'lori Spring Break
Yalaina E'lori Spring Break

Hey, Y’all Hey! I just visited Miami in the middle of winter but it was so warm, mid 70 – 80 Degrees. The weather was perfect and I literally wore all spring clothes, a bit of transition coming from NC. I’m really missing the weather in Miami right now. I’m sure the weather will be perfect around spring break in March & April too, make sure you check the weather before buying and packing!

Somehow I managed to pack all of my things in one small suitcase, and didn’t overpack. I guess you can say that I’m getting better at packing these days.

Yalaina E'lori Spring Break
Yalaina E'lori Spring Break
Yalaina E'lori Spring Break


I was super intentional about packing and was more than determined to fit everything in my carry on suitcase. The art of not overpacking is amazing, I used to get so overwhelmed and frustrated with packing, but now things are a lot smoother and packing is simple and it can be for you too! Avoid over packing by not packing stuff you know you’re not gonna wear for sure.

Yalaina E'lori Spring Break

Sharing my best tips on what to wear in Miami for a 3-4 day trip/Spring Break.

A Maxi Dress! Perfect for almost any occasion except for the club!

A Casual Outfit Something to wear that’s comfortable, still cute but can make for a great outfit to wear anywhere. Consider denim shorts or a skirt/ with a nice statement top. (See my casual outfit HERE!)

A Body-Con Dress is edgy and flattering on your body and can go for a day party and day out on the town. Sexy and perfect for the Miami Scene. The Off The Shoulder Body-Con I’m wearing pictured is from lulus!
Shop HERE! *Im wearing an XS*

All White Outfit or All Black Outfit – Perfect for almost any occasion and you can dress it up or down. Pair with heels for a sophisticated look and sneakers for a casual/comfortable look.

I packed only 3 pair of shoes! Packing only 3 pairs of shoes was the best decision I ever made and it helped me make decisive decisions everyday when getting dressed!

  • Heels
  • Sandals
  • Espadrille Flat (Super comfortable and replaced the need of a sneaker)

Dont Forget to Pack

  • Sunnies
  • A few bathings suits
  • A cover-up (For your swimsuit)
  • A light jacket for cooler temps at night
  • A floppy sun hat

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