How To Style A Statement Piece!

Style a Statement Piece with these 5 simple tips! It’s necessary to have statement pieces in your wardrobe, statement pieces can add to a look and complete it!

Most of the time when I choose a super basic outfit, I immediately start thinking about what I can add to spice this up a bit! & My go-to is always a statement piece that I own.

How To Style A Statement Piece

Find Statement Pieces that compliment your style

Choose statement pieces that fit you. A statement piece that you’re comfortable with! It’s hard to be confident and wear a piece confidently if you’re not 100% okay with it.

How To Style A Statement Piece

Don’t overdo the look, mute the outfit (balance)

A busy outfit with a statement piece is a complete fail. You want to draw the most attention to your statement piece without other pieces being a distraction and too much on the eye. 

Yalaina E'lori

Accessories Matter When Styling A Statment Piece

Simple accessories or no accessories at all. The main attraction should be your statement piece, keep jewelry simple and find something that compliments the outfit very well. Depending on the statement piece you choose, if the outfit is too busy I would suggest not wearing any jewelry. 
Here I’m wearing simple earrings that don’t take away from the outfit.

How To Style A Statement Piece

Pay Attention To Details

Pick statement pieces that have a flair with details. Here I’m wearing a denim cut-out jacket with pearls. I’m wearing black to mute out everything so the only focus is the jacket. The pearls and the cut-outs are eye-catching and reflect me to a T. 

Find statement pieces that compliment you and your style, the pearls are ultra girly & the cut-outs are edgy and perfect since I like showing skin sometimes!
Find what works for you! Pay attention to the things that you already have & things you are drawn too!

How To Style A Statement Piece

Makeup matters!

The biggest mistake is overdoing your look with makeup. A loud and busy outfit should never be complimented with crazy, over the top makeup. 
Simple makeup is key when you have a busy outfit, you can feel it out depending on the outfit/statement piece you’re choosing! 

How To Style A Statement Piece

Always Let The Statement Piece Be The HERO!


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