5 Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Healthy Work-Life Balance

A healthy work-life balance is so necessary, and I didn’t realize how much until a few months ago when I found myself stressed out of nowhere, having occasional headaches, and a couple of anxiety attacks. After taking some time to evaluate my life I had come to the conclusion that work has pretty much taken over my life completely. But, I’ve got my life back in order so I’m sharing my personal 5 tips to maintain a healthy work-life balance life.

Don’t Over Commit

I’m so guilty of this, I always say yes without even thinking. I’ve committed to things that I honestly just don’t have the time for. So I’ve been more honest with people and let them know, like “Hey I can’t do this and here is why”. I try to outsource things I’m not good at, so I can focus on the things that really matter. I was once that person that tried to be everything and it’s just not healthy so just don’t save yourself!

Self Care

I started practicing self-care last year and before then, I truthfully didn’t really have a good understanding of what self-care was. But self-care is whatever is special to you and helps you become better, it’s personal, you define that. I think as long as it’s healthy and you’re not harming yourself in any way mentally or physically, it’s okay. But, one thing I don’t believe in doing things that are not conducive to you becoming better, make sure you’re doing things to make you happy personally. I take one day out of the week where I either get on social media for 30 mins and that’s it or I don’t get on social media at all. I use my self-care days to actually take care of myself, my mental space, my body, all of that. I also sleep, a whole lot, we need to sleep more than we think. I feel so refreshed after just taking a day of doing nothing, and I don’t feel guilty about it either!

Eat Better

Listen, this year started of crazy so I can say that my diet has been all over the place but I’m getting there. If I don’t believe in anything else, I do believe in drinking water to you can’t anymore. Regardless of whatever diet you have, drink plenty of water. I do feel 10x better when I don’t eat out, and I spend less money so it’s a win, win! Y’all, I feel so much better when I eat a balanced healthy diet, when I’m not in Chickfila drive-thru every other day, that’s when I feel at my best. I’m a firm believer in controlling what you can with what you put inside your body. I try to eat more raw greens, no candy, less dairy, I lean towards food that isn’t processed as much as possible. This is a whole blog post alone but, treat your body great, what goes in matter, and you will feel a difference. I promise.

Love Yourself

Yes, Love yourself. I’m still learning to be kind, gentle, and nice to myself. If you beat yourself up everyone else will too. How you treat yourself is a reflection of how you treat others. Yes, it’s totally okay to have boundaries and all that good stuff. But, loving yourself to me means: positive self-talk, looking in the mirror every day and telling yourself I’m beautiful, I’m worthy, spending quality time with yourself and getting all your thoughts out on paper. Be gentle when you don’t grasp something right away, keep telling yourself I’ll get it every time. Be kind when you mess up, don’t expect yourself to be perfect, I make the biggest deal when things don’t come out how I imagined, but give yourself more than one chance and don’t down talk yourself, we have enough of that from others. Do things that make you feel good about yourself, speak to yourself nicely, and find out what really makes you happy. Don’t settle for other people’s opinion of what you should be doing, that’s not self-love. Self-love is taking the risk if you have to in a positive way, getting outside your comfort zone to grow, and most importantly living for you. You matter. Be understanding and patient with life, progress is better than no progress at all, remember that.


Change is always great. I always try to replace my bad habits with good ones. Nothing is set in stone, you can change your life one day at a time or any day, just make the switch. When I first went vegan, I went cold turkey and just did it, that’s when I realized that if you want something bad enough you’ll change on your own. Change is constant and never-ending things are always changing. I’m doing my best with embracing change and growing through it. Change helps f the better, the more we resist it, we make our own life harder and more complicated. We weren’t meant to stay in the same form forever, change and discipline will help us all reach the best version of ourselves. Change is the only way to implement a healthy work-life balance lifestyle.

A healthy work-life balance is necessary, take what you need, create what works for you. Creating a life that works for you is most important, not what I think, but what works for you in positive way! Linked my gratitude journal, that has really helped me this year in a major way, read my powerful morning blog post (linked below), if you wan’t to learn more about gratitude journaling.

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Love always, Yalaina E’lori.


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