10 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Hey, Y’all! I’m sharing the ten biggest mistakes I made when I first started blogging. If you plan on taking your blog to the next level and running it as a business and not just a hobby I recommend avoiding these mistakes at all cost.

Buy A Customized Domain

When I first started blogging, I had the slightest clue about domains and all that kind of stuff. I was just excited to start my blog so I went over to blogger on google and started my blog. I didn’t purchase a domain so I was stuck with the free stuff and my website was “www.yalainaelori.blogspot.com”. I highly recommend sitting down and brainstorming about a domain that fits your business/blog and pay the extra $15.00. Your site looks and sounds way more professional with a custom domain and it’s easier to find. I purchased my domain & bought my hosting on Siteground. SiteGround is affordable and very convenient when it comes to customer service, I’ve been using Siteground for almost a year and I have ZERO complaints.

Use WordPress

I started my blog on blogger platform hosted on google and I wish I would have switched to WordPress sooner. I currently use WordPress and it’s 10x better. The functionality is amazing and it’s self-hosted, so you have 100% control. My most favorite feature about WordPress is the SEO, my traffic has increased tremendously since I’ve made the switch.

Email Sign-UP/Pop Up

I can’t express enough how much I wish I would have signed up for Converterkit sooner. One week after having the email pop-up on my site I had 30 signups. I’ve been blogging for a while and I can only imagine how many readers I’ve lost, simply by not having an email – pop up. An email list is so important because you don’t own “Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or Youtube” if any of these platforms shut down you’ve lost everything, or if your account is hacked and you can’t retrieve it, you just missed out!

But, your email list you own that information and will forever have access to your customers/clients/readers that voluntarily signed up and released their information to you. I use Converterkit it’s $29.00 a month and it’s really simple to use, they offer a 30 day free trial too!

Sign up now here!

Utilizing One Platform

Spread your time and your content out across all the platforms you are utilizing. Figure out which platforms works the best and generates the most ROI. You have to go where your audience are. Each social media platform has something the other doesn’t offer. Use each feature to your advantage and keep your audience engaged.


I can’t stress this enough consistency is the one of the main ingredients in growing your business/blog. I was not consistent when I first started blogging and mainly because I didn’t take it as serious as I do now. The more consistent I was, I began to see my blog grow tremendously. I started posted 3x a week instead of once or 2x a month and saw traffic pick up.

Plan Your Content

My biggest mistake was not planning my content ahead of time. I would literally shoot my photos in one day, and type the blog post the same day. I had no ideas about what I wanted to write about or anything. Now I’m much more intentional, I have an editorial calendar and I plan content one to two months ahead of time. This is the easiest because you can break down the steps of everything you need to do. Once I started planning my content ahead of time I was less overwhelmed.

Be Intentional

Make a plan write it out and stick to it. If you want others to take your business/blog serious you have to take it seriously. In the beginning, I was posting without thinking about my audience or about what others would gain from my content. Now the first thing I think about when planning content is “how can my audience benefit from this”, does this topic appeal to my niche, and can they relate to this? Start thinking about the consumer/audience in every way possible, doing so will keep them engaged and help your business/blog grow. My biggest mistake was not creating with a purpose, everything you do should be purposeful and help others in some way.


Engage with your audience as much as possible. I block out about 30 mins daily to engage with my audience. Engaging can take place on and offline, utilize both. Engaging also goes beyond just your business, you have to support others; commenting on their post, sharing their post, and giving feedback. The support cannot be one sided, if someone comments or gives you thorough feedback, comment back, you’re a real person and people need to know that. Your audience will become more engaged and loyal the more you engage with them on a genuine level.

Brand Yourself

I did not have a logo for a while, instead of using what I had to create something just to get me by I didn’t make one at all! If you have to make the logo yourself until you can pay someone, there are plenty of free resources available, Canva is a great option. I recommend creating a free one than to not have one at all. You really want people to be able to identify with your brand/business as soon as possible, don’t wait, use what you have access to.

Don’t Focus On Followers Focus On Value

Too many times I was worried about how many followers I had, instead of focusing on how can I do my best to cater to the followers I have now. If you are providing valuable content the followers will come. But it’s also important you know how to serve the audience you currently have before trying to attain new ones, specifically for blogging. Focus on doing your absolute best with your content, caption writing, utilizing the right #Hashtags and everything else will follow. Your content/product will speak for itself, put your energy into producing the best quality you can offer.

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