How To Update Your Summer Wardrobe On A Budget!

5 helpful ways to update your summer wardrobe on a budget

Okay, so I’m that person that feels they need a whole new wardrobe for every season! But, it’s not necessary. I really suggest buying items that you can transition into another season, quality pieces, and timeless pieces that won’t go out of style.

If you do invest in fast fashion, it’s such a waste of money but I do suggest selling it when the season is almost over if it’s in semi – great condition.

Also, shop summer pieces as soon as they go on sale! I highly recommend not paying full price for something that won’t last. Spend money on the pieces you know will last!

Shop Last Season

If you are buying designer/luxury fashion, shop last season. Shopping last season will save you plenty of money. Most Luxury brands have great quality so you are able to get the most wear out of them. You also have a better chance at selling luxury items too.

Take In Inventory

What do you really need/want? Take account of what you have & then decide what you really need/want in account. You probably have pieces that you bought last summer but didn’t have anything to wear with the item & find something to wear with that. Add to your wardrobe, and invest in pieces to go with other that you already have! This way pieces don’t just sit idle!

Start A Wishlist

After you take account of what you already have, set a budget and start searching for pieces you want to buy. Most of the time I go to my favorite retailers and add to my wishlist what I want/need, and total everything up. This will help you stick to the budget that you set, and will help you see exactly what you’re buying.


Go thrifting or shop second hand online. If you are looking for upscale thrift stores do a search for thrift stores in your area. Poshmark is a great option, you can search for exactly what you’re looking for and talk the buyer down on the price etc, etc. Poshmark is perfect if you’re looking for luxury goods for less there are more like Tradesy, Depop, & Thredup. I know they are very similar to Poshmark but I’ve only had experience with Poshmark!

Shop Sale

Most retailers have the option to notify you when an item goes on sale, starting a wishlist gives you this option too. When I really want an item that’s kinda pricey, I try to wait a bit to see if it goes on sale, especially if i’m on a budget & it’s from a fast-fashion retailer it’s likely to go on sale so I won’t splurge on a piece that will go on sale in two weeks. I feel so cheated when I buy an item and the next week it’s on sale, this literally drives me crazy. So, my best advice is to wait, it’ll definitely save you money!

Thanks for reading, Love Always – Yalaina E’lori


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