My Casual Go – To Outfit

Casual Go To

Hey Y’all! How’s May going for you? I feel like everything is happening so fast and I haven’t been able to balance everything this year has to offer me, but I’m trying my best!

I’ve really been wanting to do more video content but I’ve also been just trying to manage what I have without spreading myself out to thin, & I want to give it my all and not half-step it so that’s why I haven’t really focused on video content lately!

But, on the flip side I’m happy to create content on a way more consistent basis. I’ll be adding more travel content this year, and I’m so excited “does dance”! I love traveling & I love travel content, I mean who doesn’t want to travel these days!

Yalaina Elori
Casual Go To Outfit

My Casual Go – To Outfit

I love a cute/statement top and some bomb jeans! This top is from Dillards! Jeans are 501 Series Levis! My casual go-to is always simple and straight to the point, with a hint of taste. “Taste” a small detail that represent me but no too overdone.

The statement/smocked top I’m wearing is perfect for a go-to and jeans are simple & basic.

A Go-To fit for me is an outfit I don’t have to think long and hard about, something I can quickly put together at the last minute. This would be it, it’s not overdone and can fit with about any casual occasion.

Yalaina Elori

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The Heels – I added heels because the jeans are super long and I don’t like them rolled up, so the longer the jean/pants add a heal to take away from the length!

5 Min Casual Go – To Outfit

Casual Go To Outfit

I created this casual go – to outfit look in about 5 mins. That’s why it so important to have basic and statement pieces, and well, pieces you love. The quicker you will be able to put a polished look together when you have items you love, and pieces you can mix and match that go well together.

You Should Try – Go through your closet and see how many outfits you can put together in 5 mins that you really like, and can go out any min in without having to change a million times.

What’s Your Casual Go – To?


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