5 Free Ways to Support Small Business Friends

Want to know who your friends are? Start a business and ask for their support.

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 Support Your Small Business Friends

Starting a business and running a business takes a lot of hard work, dedication, & patience. I can wholeheartedly say it’s not meant for the weak, at all! You have to believe in yourself, and your business even when things don’t look the par. You have to be your biggest cheerleader first and foremost. You have to go the extra mile before you can expect anyone else to, it’s YOUR BUSINESS! But, we all need support here and there, it’s necessary for our businesses to grow. Every little thing counts and friends can help whether it’s sharing a post, commenting, or sending an inspirational text sporadically.

Let’s get real though!

It’s sad, just sad that people close to us and the ones that claim they support you never show an ounce of support for your business, I know. If you see someone taking their business endeavors serious, why not support them to best of your ability. It’s nerve-wracking that people will entertain things that have absolutely nothing to do with them before they support your business. It’s 2019, there are multiple ways you can support businesses for “Free”!

Being a small business owner is truly exhausting, you learn, you mess-up, you start from square one more than once sometimes, like it’s a whole rollercoaster on top of trying to keep yourself together. From experience, the best thing anyone can do for me is supporting me “without spending a dime”! The #1 complaint I hear from small business owners and new entrepreneurs is “The support just isn’t there”!

Send Encouraging Words

I love encouraging words, and positive feedback. It can be as simple as “Hope your week is going great, keep up the good work”. Small things make a big difference when trying to run a business. Whenever I want to give up, I go back and look at all the encouraging text & comments to shift the negative back to a positive. Send one of your friends that own a small business some encouraging words this week. If they stepped out on faith and started a small business, blog, youtube channel, boutique, let them know that you’re proud and you’re keeping up with everything, or “hey I’m here if you need any help”! It really helps, it has gotten me through a lot of rough patches.

 Support Your Small Business Friends

Ask How Can I help

The easiest way that will really save you some time is to simply ask your friends, “how can I help”. I’ve had plenty of people ask me this and most of the time I’m literally just like, leave a comment on my blog, share a post, or refer me to someone that you think may be interested. Whatever you need a hand with, if it’s not too out of the way simply tell them what it is.

 Support Your Small Business Friends

Comment, Like, Share

SIMPLE. SHARE. Even if it’s not for you or doesn’t interest you, you never know who may be looking or interested in your friend’s services. My post has gone so far by people who don’t even know me sharing my blog and services. I’ve seen people and their like, my friend shared your blog! It’s so heartwarming, you really never know who may be interested in your friends business, share it with your followers from time to time, you don’t have to share every post but every once in a while would help.

SIMPLE. LIKE. Some people will literally see your post and not like it. UH, why are you following someone to literally not like every single post, “Make it make sense”! You don’t have to like every post, but liking here and there would help. Engagement & likes really help businesses, it helps the algorithm so others will see the post, if no one is liking, commenting or sharing, the post will get washed out of the feed quicker. Genuine, real support is needed, we need more small businesses to run longer and effiencently.


I love love, love comments. I have my loyal few that leave comments and I appreciate it so much, it really keeps me going. Although I’m not having a fit if someone doesn’t comment on every single thing, but a comment here and there helps. It helps me understand what people like, what people want to see more of, it’s a measurement tool for me and helps me understand my audience. Encourage someone in a comment, if you’re too busy to personally reach out, leaving a comment is the easiest way to let your friend know you support them and it goes a long way. Commenting helps the ALGORITHM when you leave a comment on Instagram and Facebook, it helps the post gain way more traffic, Facebook and IG platforms want to see more post that people are actively engaging with which includes (liking, commenting, & sharing) it won’t hurt. Some people live off of their small business income, it really doesn’t hurt to share, like, & comment.

Write a review

Small businesses who sell a product or a service need reviews, genuine and honest reviews. Leave a review on their website, a product you bought, leave a Google review for a service they offer. Even if you haven’t personally bought a product or paid for the service, leave an honest review if you know the product or service is amazing and you’ve experienced it in some way. More businesses will last just off a simple positive review.

Think of five people that have a small business this week and leave an honest review on Google, Facebook, or their Website.

Refer Them / Ask For Their Business Cards

Refer your friends, if you feel they are worthy and someone is actively looking for someone, support them by recommending them. Simple and easy, I’ve gained contacts and some opportunities alone by someone referring me. Most people who own a business have a business card or some type of advertising/promotional material for their business. Ask your friends if they have extra business cards they can spare for you to share. Share their business cards with people that are genuinely interested in their business/service it also looks more professional to share business cards. The more exposure, the more a business is likely to grow.

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