4 Reasons You Need A Business Card In 2019

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4 Reasons You Need A Business Card In 2019

Business cards are still effective and make a great impression, they’re easy to give at any second. My first business cards were far from fancy & I didn’t have a logo. You can still make a great impression without fancy business cards and a logo. I do recommend investing in a logo, whether you have to create the logo yourself or cut back on something to invest in a logo for your business. I created every single business card I have on Zazzle, they have great quality and a wide variety of finishes that give your business card the perfect look & quality you want!

1. A Great First Impression

The Pink Business cards are my latest, and I absolutely love them! They make such a great statement when I place them in the hands of someone. Most people are like “wow”! Thats what you want that “wow” factor you know. It creates an aesthetic and lets people know you are serious about what you do. It also creates an instant connection and people want forget you even if they trash the card!

2. People Are Busy

Out shopping and you see someone busy or with they’re family, it’s so easy to slip them your card without being rude. Anytime I see someone that’s working or super busy and they give me compliment on my outfit, I let them know I’m a blogger and hand them my card, easy networking.

3. Everyone Doesn’t Have Social Media

Some people don’t have social media, so they may want to visit your website or email you about your services or product. So don’t rely on “follow me” all the time. Be professional and hand them your card, make sure everything is current, your email, your website address, all that good stuff.

4. Great Referral Tool

It’s so easy for the people who support you to give someone your card. I can’t remember how many times someone wrote their information on a piece of paper and I lost it or just trashed it, sorry. Hand off your business cards to people who are always recommending you they can easily give your card without the hassle of writing it down for someone. And again it’s super professional! You need a business card to speak for you when you’re not present.


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