Biker Shorts For The Summer

How to wear and where to shop biker shorts. Also called bike shorts, and cycling shorts!

How to wear bike shorts

Biker Shorts have just been added to my wardrobe like yesterday, I just wasn’t a fan no matter if they were dressed up or down.

So what changes my mind? Biker shorts have really grown on me and at first I was just like no I just can’t get with it. But I’m definitely on the wave with wearing them now.

I like how comfortable they are, and you can dress them up or down. It’s your choice.

Here I wore them super casually dressed down with slides and a cute flowy top. This will be my go-to look for summer!

This looks totals to about $50.

Shop My Look

How to wear cycling shorts

I purchased these from forever 21 from the baby phat collection.

I was so inclined to buy these since they were leopard print.

I definitely don’t recommend splurging too much on biker shorts, you can find a quality pair for about $20-$40 dollars. If you want a fancy/designer pair, then you can up your budget to your liking!

Best Places To Shop

A Few Ways To Wear

  • Heels 
  • Blazer
  • Statement Top
  • Heels (I personally love the way the shorts look with heels)
  • Blazer (Upgrade the outfit and wear it to work)
  • Statement Top (Make a statement and wear

how to wear biker shorts
How To Wear Biker Shorts
Baby Phat Collection

Whats your favorite way to wear Bike/Biker/Cycling Shorts?


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