5 Online Shops To Buy An Affordable Slip Dress

Mini Life Update

Hey Y’all! The year is literally flying by before our eyes. I took a small break from posting to reconnect with myself, sometimes social media and daily life can be a bit much to balance. Whenever I feel the need to step away, I listen to my body and do just that. I’m pretty excited for the rest of the year, I have a lot of things still in store that I’ll be sharing. Lately, my post have all been either with minimum makeup or none at all. It’s been entirely to hot and I enjoy giving my skin a break at times.

Pink Slip Dress

My Slip Dress

My affordable slip dress I’m wearing is from Akira. I have a few other slip dresses that I love so I’m going to share the best places to find cute affordable ones. The cool thing about slip dresses you can wear them in the fall too! I love getting the most out of my wardrobe so I try to share and buy pieces that can be worn in more than one season.

Pink Slip Dress

5 Affordable Slip Dress Online Shop

  1. Topshop – From low to high you can find the perfect slip dress on any budget, simple and classic style 90’s slip dress. You can also find new trendy slip dresses on Topshop. My favorite actually, 10/10 recommend!
  2. Lulus – Perfect if you’re looking for smaller sizes. I ordered a x-small slip dress from lulus and fit me perfect. There dresses are also affordable and you can pretty much also use discount code!
  3. Asos – 1000’s of slip dresses, I highly recommend ASOS when it comes to looking for tall and petite sizes. You’re more than likely to find exactly what you need on ASOS.
  4. Zarazara is also a great place if you’re looking for smaller sizes, there clothes always fit perfect on me. Zara has plenty of affordable and a variety style of slip dresses.
  5. Urban Outfitters – So many cute styles, they have lots of prints and vintage styles too. Perfect place to shop if you’re looking for something edgy and different.


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