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9 Skin Tips that will drastically help your skin in a week! Having great skin consist of more than just washing your face, toning, and moisturizing. All that stuff is important but it’s also about what you put in your body, sleep, stress levels, and exercising and so much more!

Skin Tips To Improve Your Skin Fast

Sharing 9 tips that you’re probably aren’t thinking about that really impact your skin in a week!

9 Amazing Skin Tips

1.Washing Your Face For 60 – Seconds

According to Aesthetician Nayamka Roberts-Smith you should be washing your face for 60 seconds, working the product on your face and allowing it actually work. Nayamka Roberts-Smith says “[Sixty seconds] softens the skin and dissolves sebum blockages better. Texture and overall evenness improves.”

I’ve been doing the #60SecondRule Consistently for about two month and my skin has really, really improved!

2. STOP Touching Your Face

I really used to do this all the time subconsciously but I’ve made it my business to stop because it really causes your skin to break out. We touch so many thing on the daily and don’t even realize the germs & bacteria that will affect our skin.

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3. CLEAN your phone every single night!

I can’t express enough how much bacteria and germs are on our phone. Without cleaning your phone you easily spread this to your bed and pillow, which will eventually end up on your face. Clean your phone it really helps!

I normally keep wipes in my car if i need to wipe down my phone after leaving it on tables and etc. Every night I clean my phone with a disinfectant wipe or Isopropyl alcohol every single night. If you have random breakouts on your face, this could really help.

Light Blue Pleated Skirt
Blue pleated skirt


Flushing out my system once a week or fasting for a couple of days can really reset your body. Drink plenty, and plenty of water when detoxing and fasting. I drink a detox tea everyday by Traditional Medicinals EveryDay Detox® LemonLinked Here! Drinking this tea everyday first thing in the morning has really improved my skin, and helps to gives my skin a radiant glow!

5. Wash Your Pillow Cases, Scarfs, and Sheets

I wash my pillow cases every 4 days and I throw my scarfs and bonnets in the washer too. Oils and buildup can easily get on our pillows and scarfs from hair. So washing these on the regular will improve your skin drastically. I also wash my sheets every single week of-course, but pillow cases I wash every 3-4 days.

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6. Clean Teeth = Clean Face

Sounds crazy but good dental hygiene also plays a major part in healthy skin. Flossing every single night and brushing twice a day. Acne around your chin and near your mouth can be linked to bacteria from your mouth. Washing your face after brushing and flossing also helps to reduce bacteria from affecting your skin.

7. Sweat

Sweat by working out or taking a hot bath! I try to workout atleast 2-3 times a week even if it’s in my house. A hot bath can help if you’re not working out, allow yourself to swear profusely for about 15 mins. Keep a glass of water at hand when taking a hot bath. Sweating opens up your pores and helps to give your skin a good purge. Cause really, washing and toning doesn’t always get everything but sweating can helps to clear out what on and under the surface.

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8. Sleep

The less you sleep the more it will show up on your skin. I know it’s not ideal to get 7-8 hours of sleep and sometime I don’t get 7-8 hours, but sleeping helps your skin to retain moisture, reduces wrinkles. Drinking a bottle of water before you go to sleep will help your skin stay hydrated why you’re sleeping.

9. Hyaluronic Acid

This acid is naturally made by our body so it’s really good for your skin. I use a spray at night (Linked here) that contains this Hyaluronic Acid. This acid helps your skin to retain moisture, I 10/10 recommend this, my skin has improved so much since using Hyaluronic Acid. Using Hyaluronic will give your skin a hydrated glow and improve the texture of your skin. You can find Hyaluronic Acid in serum form or you can take the supplement, I recommend what works best for you.

Read my blog post on How Witch Hazel helped my skin here.

All of these skin tips listed are exactly what I do on top of my routine to keep my skin looking fresh, radiant, and healthy! I highly recommend consistency if you want to see improvement in your skin. Stick to your routine no matter how tired you are. Keep a good facial wipe in your purse and in your gym bag if you’re not able to cleanse in a rush or etc. I can’t wait to hear your skin success stories! Please share your best skin tips in the comments below! #SharingIsCaring!

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