Best Online Places For Petite Woman To Shop

Hey Ladies! I know finding clothes online can be a difficult task especially if you have a petite frame. I want to share with you my top five places that offer trendy, quality, & stylish petite clothing.

This outfit was super comfortable and I’m loving the fact that kitten heels have made a come back, my feet needed a break, and honestly I would prefer comfort over anything these days! I took these photos after visiting my favorite restaurant Yardhouse, if you go make sure you try the peach apple cobbler

My Top Five Favorite Online Petite Shops

1. Asos

What I love most– There are sooooo many options, the petite section is not limited at all. I love ordering dresses and skirts in the petite size since they’re always super long on me. I buy most of all my dresses and pants from ASOS and I have no complaints at all!

2. Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack (Clearance)

love both when it comes down to petite clothing, they offer quality clothes and designer brands. The shorts I’m wearing are from Nordstrom Rack. I grabbed these at the store in Maryland, I never really shop in the store but the Nordstrom Rack in Maryland was super clean and organized.

3. Loft

This place is GOLD. I love loft when it comes down to business wear and suits. They have the perfect sizing and really cater to petite and tall women. This is my go to place when it comes down to buying clothes for work and dress pants, their clothes always fit me perfectly. 10/10 Recommend.

4. Topshop

The best for classic and street style clothing. The quality is decent and you can find clothing you like under $100.

5. Misguided

I truly love misguided, there are so many options and they offer plenty of petite clothing in so many styles.

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