Setting Intentions Monthly And How It Can Improve Your Life

Intention– an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions

Setting Intentions
Setting Intentions

At the start of every month I reflect on last month and decide on new intentions for the month. Intentions are a bit more different that goals because they’re not really tangible.

This is simply me sharing “How setting my intentions have improved my life”. There are countless ways to do something, there isn’t a right or wrong way to this thing.

Setting an intention to me is expressing what I want to the universe, how I want to feel, and what I would like to attract on a daily basis. I speak it quietly to myself when meditating and I journal it.

This Month Intentions

  • I meditate and speak affirmations over my life daily
  • I am living in the moment
  • I am happy with what I am creating
  • I am happy more and more each day
  • I love myself, I love others
  • I am creating a life that I love daily
  • I am getting closer to god daily
  • I am attracting new opportunities
  • My faith is growing daily
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Gratitude has also helped me with my intention setting. I find that when I express gratitude and I can set my intentions authentically.

To stay on track with intention setting: I say affirmations aloud, write sticky notes and place them in random places, and journal every day.

Setting your intentions can definitely help you be more present and grateful. Setting my intentions on a daily and monthly basis has helped me appreciate each day more and live purposefully.

When Setting Your Monthly Intentions Focus On How You Want To Feel

  1. Act as if it is already done
  2. Speak as if it is already done
  3. Make sure that what you truly want
  4. Be true and authentic
  5. Refresh and reflect as much as you need to
  6. Write it down, speak it aloud to yourself

Daily Intentions

Setting intentions on a daily basis can also help, I refresh myself everyday. At the start of every morning I write what I am grateful for and how I would like my day to go, and how I would like to feel.

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