Here’s Why Sunscreen Should Be Added To Your Routine Today!

For sunscreen to be effective you should, use the correct SPF according to your needs, reapply, and use enough sunscreen to start with, check your UV index!

Sunscreen for black girls

I strongly urge you yo do your own research, and figure out what’s best for you skin type when it comes to products. I am just sharing what has worked for me and great tips that have been shared from noteworthy estheticians. Please always do your own research, I am not a professional but the tips i’m sharing are recommended from professional estheticians .

You need sunscreen even on those cloudy days!

Okay, so before this year I barely used sunscreen, sounds bad but it’s the truth. I also didn’t know until recently that you still need sunscreen on cloudy days because UV rays are still present. According to The Skin Cancer Foundation “clouds block as little as 20% of UV rays” — so on a cloudy day you’re still getting up to 80% of the sun’s harsh effects. So yes indeed you should still be wearing sunscreen on cloudy days! It less likely for POC to get skin cancer, but wearing sunscreen protects us from our skin getting damaged which can cause hyperpigmentation, dryness, and of course prevents sunburn.

The UV Index

You can check your UV index in your city by simple googling it or checking on the weather app on your phone. The higher the UV index the more likely you need sunscreen, and you should reapply accordingly.


Moisturizing Sun Screen

SPF is actually a measure of protection from amount of UVB exposure and it is not meant to help you determine duration of exposure“.

SPF 15: Would typically cover you for 150 minutes but can vary by skin type.
According to one of my favorites estheticians on twitter @LaBeautyologist
says “Sunscreen has to be applied LIBERALLY & THICC for adequate protection.

@CruzanChoklate says “Your skin care regimen is NOTHING without sunscreen. In fact, you’re wasting your money on products if you’re not protecting your skin. The sun kills all those expensive ingredients you put on your face and then goes on to cause free radicals which wreak havoc for your skin.”

So there you have it, sunscreen is very necessary.

What sunscreen should you use?

Find what works for your skin type, I’m fairly new to using sunscreen as i’m supposed to so I highly recommend to ask an esthetician and do your own research. There are a few brands that I’ve heard are great

What I Use

Right now I use a Palmers a moisturizer with sunscreen added in. I love how light it goes on and doesn’t leave a residue on my skin, also doesn’t leave me oily. It’s great for minimum coverage but I’ll be buying an actual sunscreen soon because apparently you aren’t really getting that much benefit by using a moisturizer with sunscreen added in.I’m leaning towards Black Girl Sunscreen, so i’ll definitely update once I try it.

I really hoped this helped, I was so blind sided on sunscreen and wondering why I was experiencing so much hyperpigmentation, so I figured I’d share. Lately I’ve been getting into skincare and making sure that I’m taking good care of my skin, because I’m trying to look 24 forever honestly! I’ll be sharing more skin tips more often.

Thank so much for reading!


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